How long does a bespoke piece of furniture take to build?
Timing depends on a variety of things, including your specifications and your project timeline, budget, our workload, and material availability. What is important to note is that bespoke furniture takes time as you’re look for quality, so try to be patient.
How much does bespoke furniture cost?
Tricky question! It depends hugely on a range of factors. We actually suggest you let us know the budget you have to work with as we can immediately know what materials and fabrics to focus on.

Understand that a tight budget is the norm, not the exception, so don’t be afraid to share this with us as soon as possible.

This said, bespoke furniture is more expensive than mass-produced furniture, but remember that it will probably last you your whole life instead of just a couple of years.
Do you sell direct to public?
Public or trade is just fine with us. We love the engagement that comes from keeping a client updated with work-in-progress shots through our Instagram
Do you install?
Yes, we install all of our products as they're specifically designed for your space.
Is all your timber ethically sourced?
Wherever possible we use recycled, reclaimed or salvaged timber. You will might also find us engaged in the art of dumpster diving to recover timber that was destined to end it's life as landfill!
Excellent Results
The quality of our products is known all over the UK. We're an established furnite manufacturer. Do you have that one area in your house that is longing for a bespoke piece of art? Then speak to us now and get a quote.