Hand Made Bespoke Furniture
We understand that everyones needs & requirements are different so we offer a truly unique skill set for our clients.

We optimise space and comfort for your customers. Engaging in comfortable seating areas while maximising the use of space.
Balace of Ergonomics & Practicality
Over the past few years, we've been studying the principles of space, ergonomics and how these elements shape the user experience.



Woodcraft Contract Furniture was tasked to refit this icon restaurant in the heart of Burton-upon-Trent. Keeping in the theme of the historic area of Burton, we understood that the 'vibe' of the surroundings had to be reflected inside.

Woodcraft Contract Furniture designed, built and supplied the seating area for this fine restaurant. The top specs of materials had been used, prolonging the life of the furniture and providing a level of comfort that can't be attained by mass produced furniture.

Veneziaa loved the final product. It was a building completley designed and built around the owners love for food and fine dining.

This will resonate with their customers and provide a joyful experience that will repeat time and time again.